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Fairy City Festival 2018

The festival of creativity, socialising and light!

THE FAIRY CITY is a fairy-tale city in a real city - it's the way you would wish it to be every day. It is a city of true relationships, of creativity, of families and, above all, of the joint creation and discovery of new worlds.

That's why we invite all children, parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles and all people in good spirits who want to stop the march of time for a moment and be creative with us, or just enjoy the fairy tales, concerts, singing, workshops, movie nights and other happy events of the fairies and elves who live and slumber deep inside us.
What can you do in Fairy City? Take look in Fairy Mansion, check the programme of Fairy Stage  and Workshops, take a walk trough  Fairytale Streets and meet two lovely fairy ladies, Ana Cool and Lumina

Your Fairies and Elves

FAIRY MANSION (Vilinski dvor) is a meeting point for all of us, who are looking for pleasurable entertainment in a friendly company, alongside stories woven around the fireplace, interwoven with playing, dancing, reading, creating, enjoying music, shows and films.
The Fairy Mansion offers the St. Nicholas celebration, Living Library, the finale of Ožuljen jezik, charity, film and Zvitorepec's Saturday events and a fairy-coloured holiday. The Fairy Yard in the mansion is a welcoming place for people of all genders, colours and ages, eager for a cosy harbour.
You are invited to create opportunities for beautiful, soft, round, almost fairy-tale moments. Let's make our world spin!

This year, we open the doors of the Fairy Mansion playfully on Friday, November 23rd, at half past six in the evening, when we move the street to the courtyard and invite you to a street theatre performance!
Until December 29th, except for Sundays until the holidays, we will be creating fairy times here with you every day.  

FAIRY STAGE is a venue where humorous and serious performances for frolicking children take place, where fairy tales come to life, music creates new spaces, and films uncover the children's view of the world. We invited a diverse group of artists, beginners and professionals, to share their passion with us.

The first three Thursdays at 6 pm you are invited to the performances of music school pupils, every Friday and Saturday to Saturday, from December 22nd to 29th at 5pm, you can watch theatre, puppet and dance performances for the youngest, on Friday evenings and on Christmas at 7 pm there are musical treats waiting for you here - Barrique, Brina Vogelnik duo and Aniada a Noir, Ana Bezjak and Marko Zaletelj, Nika Solce and the Božični Bilbi svet - are you already feeling restless?

Saturday, December 1st, will be purely dedicated to film. We will show films of the ENIMATION festival, created by children and young people from all over the world. The next Saturday, December 8th, will be dedicated to charity - the Inner Wheel Club unites to reward. December 15th, will be cunning as Zvitorepec. From Saturday to Saturday, between December 22nd and 29th in the morning, at 11 am, we will dance in dance workshops, on December 24th we will escape into the Holiday Fairy Tales.

All's well that ends well, so on December 29th, "the first bass" is coming to town - Tadej Kampl, who, will, accompanied with other top musicians, send you into the fresh, new year.

FAIRY READING PLAYGROUND invites all children, parents and grandparents to read, play, discover and listen to a fairy tale at 6:30 pm before sleepy time from November 23rd till December 29th, every day except Sundays.

During the week from 4 to 7 pm, on Saturdays and during the holidays between 10 am and 1 pm as well as 4 pm and 7 pm – children, take your parents to your world!

In the Little Room and Artistic Room we realize ideas and develop skills - when there are young people gathered, creativity has no boundaries. We revive old crafts, explore art directions, on Fridays, between 4 and 7 pm, on Saturdays and during holidays, from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4 to 7 pm.
On Thursday, between 4 pm and 7 pm, we are inviting young people who would like to join forces and create for the community. The Fairy Reading Playground, Little Room and Artistic Room are led by the fairies and elves of Zavod MARS Maribor, who will decorate the Fairy Yard together with the children from the Maribor kindergartens and schools.

It's spinning, spinning!

 LUMINA  is a special lady in a shining holiday dress, who just arrived to the city along the Drava river.
The light spills over the markets, intrigues the passerby, it is the inspiring Lumina. The light installations that reveal the Židovski, Rotovški and Slomškov Square in a different, more magical light were designed by artists from Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom, with the help of the fairies and elves of the Hiša! Association. In the park on Slomškov Square, Lumina invites us through the light arches, glowing on the path between the benches to a glowing swing, hey, what a joy, what a yearnful sight! On the Rotovški Square she offers peace and quiet with tiny details to reflect on what we really want. Under the crown of the mighty tree on the Židovski Square, we are surrounded by the bright wishes of young people living in the city, what they believe in, what they long for. Lumina will open her corners on November 23rd at 6 pm and will illuminate us until the last day of the year. Good light to the world! The Lumina project is co-financed by the European Union - Creative Europe and the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.

FAIRY-TALE STREETS are magical because of the people who meet on them. Carol singers invite you with their songs that fill every corner, they bring good mood and joyful wishes from house to house. They will be singing on December 20th on Gosposka, Slovenska and Jurčičeva Street. Join the joy, sing Holy Night with us! The Walks along the Way of Light on November 24th, December 1st, 8th, 12th, 15th, 17th, 22nd and 27th celebrate light, escort you to the adventures in Lumina's spaces and along the decorated city, sometimes to a workshop to warm up your fingers - try to catch the fairy light with us, and take it with you! We will say goodbye to the sparkling and playful Fairy City on December 30th with sparks. Let's hold hands, remember everyone we carry in our hearts, let’s glow up in the light of strong thoughts and wishes. Let's light up the city – community is all that counts!

ANA MRAZ (ANA COOL) is the cool chick who makes noise on the streets and squares even in winter. She jumps and does acrobatic stunts, she makes you laugh and leaves you breathless, she races, screams, mocks, asks questions, doesn't give up, and blows a fresh breeze into life. Her street performances on December 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th at 6 and 7 pm will take place on Židovski Square. Her Dutch friends will bring Spring into town, with her Italian ones she will go on a crazy adventure in an old R4, she will bring a very special love story from France which reminds us on magic without tricks or songs without lyrics. The Slovenian street theatre performers will open the door to a circus and into the world of puppets and say goodbye to Ana and us with the apocalyptic comedy Rest In Peace. Ana roguishly invites you to spend the last days of the year in her company.   What spins, does not keep still! It creates, unites and shines.

Vetrinjski dvor - Uvodna stran

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